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Your 1-week challenge: Get to know your products

Honestly, do we really know what we’re applying, spraying or rubbing onto our skin?

Me: Nope.

We may feel a sense of security that personal care products are regulated by the FDA; however, they’re not treated like drugs. No approvals necessary.

Companies do not have to prove to regulators that personal care products are safe or effective before they go to market. What we buy from the store to help keep us clean are the least regulated consumer products.

So much information at our fingertips, yet so many ingredients that we just don’t know are … safe.

Here’s your one-week challenge.

  1. Take note of each self-care product you use each day. That’s from the toothpaste you use to that hair gel, down to that hand sanitizer you used at the store in passing.
  2. By the end of the week, go back to those products and write down each ingredient.
  3. Mark with a check the ingredients that you know and circle the ingredients that you don’t know.
  4. Type in each unknown ingredient here:

Note: there are several skin care ingredient checkers out there. I like that INCI Beauty provides information in multiple languages.

5. Write down those now-known ingredients that are alarming, yucky or gross. And start the purge from your cabinets, but start small. Start weaning yourself off products that just are not that good for you.

I’m taking the challenge too. Reporting back soon….

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