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Wait don't go, May I share a personal story?

The story starts at the grocery store.

Already, you either hate it. Love it. Shop online. Or prefer not to read stories that start at the grocery store.

That’s fair.

But for many of us, the grocery store has played an early role in our lives.

Have you ever thought about it? Who was there with you as you walked the aisles?

For me, it was my Italian grandmother who brought meaning to grocery shopping.

My grandmother was a fixture of the local grocery store, by extension, so was I. We knew the produce attendant by name, we’d chat with the baker as he served up fresh maple bars, and we’d walk out with grocery bags in one hand and a candy cigarette in my 5-year-old hand. This was a thing right? For kids born in the 80s to wield a candy cigarette?

The grocery store felt like a safe place, a familiar place, with people who entered my life for a few minutes every day and smells that filled my nose momentarily before being summoned through the sliding doors.

If you thought about it, you’d have a memory from your grocery store too.

Maybe the government played a role in that memory.  Our tax dollars support supplemental programs after all. But it is clear that there are aisles in the grocery store that shelf products that can’t be purchased with government assistance. I’m not talking about the beer aisle. I’m talking about the health and wellness aisle, the aisle that shelves the products that keep us healthy, prevent us from getting sick and treat those of us who need it most. SNAP can’t help. But we can.

Good-for-you products can help keep you healthy. Okay, as far as personal stories go, you’ve heard better, but I needed to tie in the grocery story, childhood and government assistance, you try to do that.

Thanks for reading!

All the best, Liz

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